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Les-Ottomans. East meets West!

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Les-Ottomans. East meets West!

I'd like to introduce to you one of my most favourite home accessory brands, Les-Ottomans.

The brand story is so interesting. Italian designer Bertrando started his company from his passion of Turkey. Presenting his collection is the reflection of years of travel to and the discovery of this country. His love of traditional techniques, Ottoman influence on western design, and I'm sure a pure love of introducing beautiful & unique products to me & you!

DetailsbyMrK is concept is very much aligned with Les-Ottomans, albeit not so literal. I believe in having a neutral base - whites, naturals, greys and layering home accessories with personality to express yourself. No need to go over the top, you don't need to adopt the whole look, add an ikat or ottoman pattern velvet cushion together with a solid velvet cushion or cushions to bring it together.


Every Les-Ottomans product has personality as you can see by the photo's here.  I took these photo's at the Maison Objet home exhibition in Paris a few months ago.  You can see the richness of design and colour. What I love is being able to mix together these unique products into a modern or contemporary western home. Sometime we buy a product in the bazaar while travelling abroad, often they are too literal and don't fit in our western homes. All the products and brands I choose for DetailsbyMrK such as Les-Ottomans have been thoughtfully designed with diverse influences yet will work well with our western lifestyle.

Les-Ottomans collection has textiles such as cushions & carpets and tabletop items - trays, dishes, glassware, napkins, tablecloths etc.   Each fabric, texture, material and tone of Les-Ottomans expresses a blend of East and West and has wide range of colours & patterns. In some ways it's a very 'fashion' proposal that leaves room for our own personal creativy & allows us to bring a little exoticism to our living space.

In the coming months DetailsbyMrK will be adding more and more products from Les-Ottomans. Currently we have a great selection of velvet and embroidered cushions and a few tabletop pieces. We'll be receiving more cushions but also adding trays, dishes & glassware. Many of the new products are collaborations with other designers. Matthew Williamson has worked together with Bertrando to design & produce a mini-collection of dishes, trays & cushions. Matthew is known for his use of bold, colourful and intricate patterns and designs inspired by nature and travel. The styles are brilliant !