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2717 GRANVILLE ST | MON-SAT 11-6 SUN/HOL 12-5 | tel 604.806.0510 2717 GRANVILLE ST | MON-SAT 11-6 SUN/HOL 12-5 | tel 604.806.0510


What.  Details by Mr. K is a lifestyle brand, blending an array of home accessories from around the globe.  Based on the concept that using an interior of neutral hues such as white, beiges and soft greys can create the perfect backdrop to showcase home accessories with personality. An unexpected yet thoughtful selection of products, colors, and textures that can transform a home into a unique living space.

Our customer and ourselves.  They desire a modern and unique living environment.  A home to get away from busy personal & professional lives.  They are well travelled and appreciate different cultures.   Quality is important yet they understand the beauty of imperfection & finding the unexpected.  They carefully consider each new addition to their home.   A unique, eclectic mix is important to them, not replicating a big box store look.  Their home is a sanctuary, not a showroom to impress others.  

Who.  As a kid, I wanted to see the world.  After completing schooling in my hometown of Vancouver Canada, I moved to one of the most European cities in the country, Montreal.  There began an appreciation of different cultures. Working in fashion I had the opportunity to travel abroad & when the opportunity presented itself I moved to 'Asia's world city', Hong Kong.  There I made friends from all over the world, fell in love with & married a charming Chinese man.  Fashion allowed me to see the world & how different people live.  All this has influenced my home décor preferences.