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Woman 9 ceramic vase rrre cdmx
Woman 9 ceramic vase rrre cdmx
Ceramic Vase - Woman 9 SALE


Ceramic Vase - Woman 9 SALE

$300.00 $225.00


Hand made ceramic vessel inspired by the female form.  Sealed to hold water.  Hand made by artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico.   Pictured (from left to right) Woman 9 & 11.

Size:     12"H x 10"W       Origin:  Mexico

RRRES is a design studio based in Oaxaca that produces limited edition collections for the home through traditional craft.   RRRES' lead designer, Javier Reyes, is inspired by his experience living in Oaxaca, the remarkable people he meets and his Latin American culture. 

Woman 9