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Purple Huipul Cushion
Purple Huipul Cushion
S. Maria Purple Embroidered Huipul | Tone Textiles
S. Maria Purple Huipul Pillows by Tone Textiles

Tone Textiles

S.Maria Purple Huipul Cushion SALE

$150.00 $60.00


TONE Textiles’ Huipil Cushions are made in Toronto, Canada from up-cycled vintage textiles sourced from Guatemala and high quality upholstery grade velvets. These tunic style garments are called huipils and are worn day-to-day by Mayan women all over the country.  The brocade patterns are unique to each region and town.  This pattern is from Santa Maria de Jesus a small town near Antigua in the Guatemalan highlands.  Each huipils yields only a few cushions, so they are truly unique.  

Size:        14" x 18"                       Origin: Canada (of imported fabrics)

Material:  50% Cotton 50% Pl     Care:   Dry Clean only

Note:        Includes a feather insert

purple (cover only)