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Pebble Bud Vase - Calico
Pebble Bud Vase - Calico
goodbeast pebble bud vase
Pebble Bud Vase - Calico
goodbeast calico pebble vase at details by mr k


Pebble Bud Vase - Calico


The classic PEBBLE bud vase re-imagined. The process of shaving chips of transparent and opaque coloured glass and introducing it to the blowing process. The transparent colours offer a window into the piece.  Each piece is unique.  Available in gloss and matte versions.

Colour:  Calico      Size: 4"H x 4"O     Origin: Vancouver, Canada             

Care:     Handwash in warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth. 

calico gloss
calico matte