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musango espresso cups
Espresso Cup X 2
musango espresso cups
orange espresso cups at details by mr k
musango espresso cups at details by mr k
Blue Espresso Cups / Musango
red espresso cups / musango
grey espresso cups / musango
stripe espresso cups colorful / musango


Espresso Cup X 2


Delightful Musango espresso cups handcrafted in Portugal.  Designed for coffee lovers everywhere, whether you want an Espresso (ristretto, normale or lungo) or explore the delights of a Macchiato, Cortado or Piccolo Latte, these little creations hit the spot.  Dishwasher and microwave friendly as well.    Espresso cups are sold in pairs, one solid & one stripe of the same colour.

Size:       2 3/4"H x 2 1/4"W         Origin:  Portugal

Colors:   Red / Blue / Graphite / Mint / Tangerine / Turmeric

turmeric 2pc
tangerine 2pc
mint 2pc
blue 2pc
red 2pc
graphite 2pc