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Medio Wood Totems | CDMX
Medio Wood Totems | CDMX
Totems Medio


Totems Medio


A collection of four hand carved totems.   Made from native tzalam wood that has been sustainable harvested.  Hand made by the artist.   A/B/C/D from left to right in photo. 

Sizes:   (A): 13"x 5 1/2" (B): 17"x 4 1/4" (C): 19"x 5 1/4" (D): 13" x 4"

Origin:  Mexico

Fabrica Astilla, founded in 2013 by Eduardo Wignall, focuses on the development and production of high quality furniture and design objects, with an emphasis on wood. The pieces Fabrica Astilla develops are environmentally and socially conscious. The materials and all-natural finishes are environmentally friendly, have a sustainable certified origin and are biodegradable. Fabrica Astilla is further committed to social projects that give back to local communities and ensure artisans receive fair and dignified treatment.

(A) 13"x 5 1/2"
(B) 17"x 4 1/4"
(C) 19"x 5 1/4"
(D) 13"x 4"