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Happy Velvet Cushion - Brick America

Lo Decor

Happy Velvet Cushion - Brick America


Happy velvet cushion with a multi color fringe.  We love these cushions as they are at once modern and elegant, yet youthful and warm.  The soft velvet has a cloudy effect, soft to the touch, similar to a brushed cotton velvet. Mix styles and colors to express your personality.  Handmade in Italy.    Price includes feather insert. 

Color:       Brick              Size:  12"x 18" / 20" x 20"      

Material:  100% PL       Care:  Hand wash at 40C or Dry Clean    

LO DECOR is a luxury interior design firm established by Lorenza Briola in 2017, noted for it's highly sophisticated aesthetic and meticulous production process. All styles are marked by simple versatility and charming hues that are easy to mix and match.

12"x 18" incl. insert
20"x 20" incl. insert