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Dattero Bud Vase Murano Amethyst | Les-Ottomans
Dattero Bud Vase Murano Amethyst | Les-Ottomans
Bud Vase | Les Ottomans


Murano Bud Vase - Amethyst


A single stem dattero vase or object blending East and West.   The dattero motif or shape was one of the most elegant in ancient glassmaking.   Each piece is unique, made by the skilled hands of an expert glassblower on the island of Murano. Amazing purple shades that imitate the intense lights and colors of the Middle East.  Also available in emerald green. 

Color:       Amethyst          Size:     6"H x 3 3/4"W

Material:  Glass                Origin:  Murano, Italy

Les Ottomans is a home collection that began with the designers passion and love of Turkey.    Each style, fabric, texture and tone are the reflection of many years of travel & discovery of this country - Turkish 'pleasures', rich, elegant and functional.