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Medium Black Berber Plate | JF Reborn
Medium Black Berber Plate | JF Reborn
Medium Black Berber Plate | JF Reborn

JF Reborn

Sejnane Berber Pottery - Medium Plate


The women of the Sejnane region in Northern Tunisia are keeping alive an ancient tradition of creating pottery using skills handed down from generation to generation.  Clay ceramic motifs with Berber roots and origins, often using animal, human or agricultural symbols.   Made of all natural elements and does not contain any chemical components and all manual work and as such no piece looks exactly like another. For decorative use only.

Colour:     Black               Size:   12" Wide / 3 1/2" High

Content:   Ceramic          Origin:  Sejnane, Tunisia

JF Reborn Home is a Belgian family business.  Founder and creative head Jacques Flamant together with his children Nanou and Eliott launched the company in 2018.  The JF collection is a mix of inspiration from cities and regions around the world, bringing together diverse products that reflect the Jacques Flamant DNA.