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Aura Cushion - Bleu Sarah
Aura Cushion - Bleu Sarah
Aura Cushion - Bleu Sarah

Maison Sarah Lavoine

Aura Cushion - Bleu Sarah


Let yourself be enveloped by the elegance and comfort of Aura, our exquisite wool and cotton cushion, embellished with fine embroidery, delicately created in India. Every aspect of Aura has been designed with passion and attention to detail to offer an unparalleled tactile and visual experience. The luxurious blend of wool and cotton feels soft to the touch, inviting you to snuggle comfortably inside its warm embrace.  It will instantly dress up your sofa, an armchair or bed.

Color:        Bleu Sarah / Nature / Black   Sizes:  17" x 17"    

Material:  50% Wool / 50% Cotton        Care:   Dry Clean only

17"x 17" incl. insert