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mustard vintage blanket at details by mr k
mustard vintage blanket at details by mr k
yellow vintage blanket at details by mr k


Vintage Throw - Mustard + Lt Grey


The Vintage throw blanket is made in ancestral looms and finished by hand.  An everlasting design with a 1950's vibe.  A delight for the senses that recreates a bold and contemporary style.  Made from the purest sheep wool of Serra da Estrela, Portugal.

Color:        Mustard + Light Grey + Nature    Size:   52" x 71" / 130 x 180cm

Material:   100% Merino Wool    Care:  Dry Clean only     Origin:   Portugal

Burel Factory, a wool factory in the heart of the mountains.  A place that combines generations, knowledge, skill and innovation.  A living museum operating looms and ancient machines, weavers of trends and traditions, to transform them into unique and timeless pieces, blankets and burel, from the purest and most sustainable sheep wool. 

mustard + light grey