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Tequila Sunrise Glass Bottle by Ichendorf
Tequila Sunrise Glass Bottle by Ichendorf
Tequila Sunrise Glass Bottles by Ichendorf

Ichendorf Milano

Sunrise Bottle - Smoke & Clear SALE

$136.00 $82.00


Sunrise Bottle in coloured borosilicate glass.   Layers of glass of different colors melt giving life to a unique piece, while remaining separate, faithful to the precise geometries of the design.  Made of tinted borosilicate glass.  Very light (and BPA free). Resistant to high temperature.  Capacity 1.2L    Designed by Mist-O.

Color:  Amber/Clear/Smoke   Size:  11 1/4"H x 3 1/4"W     Material:  Glass           

At the root of the Ichendorf product philosophy are the ideas of tradition and innovation, ancient techniques and modern shapes.   Each creation is a refined idea which has evolved through the ages.   Today Ichendorf brings to our homes the magic of refined techniques by creating precious and unforgettable objects.