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Liberta Water Tumbler SALE
Liberta Water Tumbler SALE
Liberta Water Tumbler SALE

Ichendorf Milano

Liberta Water Tumbler SALE

$19.00 $11.00


The Liberta collection of glasses & carafes have a simple & elegant appearance. Smooth on top with a ribbed base.   Mis-matched colours add a modern flair to this collection.  Made of tinted borosilicate glass. Very light (and BPA free).  Resistant to high temperature. Sold individually. 

Color:    Clear or Smoke    Size:   4 1/4"H x 3"O         Material:  Glass

At the root of the Ichendorf product philosophy are the ideas of tradition and innovation, ancient techniques and modern shapes.   Each creation is a refined idea which has evolved through the ages.   Today Ichendorf brings to our homes the magic of refined techniques by creating precious and unforgettable objects.